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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Elite Physical Therapy has access to a heated indoor pool in our Ellicott City location. Our on-sight pool allows our clients to practice and master skills in the water in preparation for functional activities on land. Examples include stair climbing, sport specific exercises, transfers, range of motion, gait training and stabilization exercises.

Aquatic physical therapy is ideal for patients with weight bearing restrictions, lower extremity injuries, joint replacements, balance disorders, low exercise tolerance and joint pain.

All therapists at Elite Physical Therapy are experienced with both land and water treatments and can integrate both environments to achieve functional goals. Aquatic physical therapy is a part of an integrated approach to functional rehabilitation. Patients are taken through a series of shallow and deep water exercises that are designed to improve neuromuscular control, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, weight bearing tolerance, aerobic endurance, and range of motion too difficult on land.